Help for Video Scheduler

Video Scheduler is designed to let you make simple scheduled video programs for your Wix website, using YouTube videos. Video Scheduler has 2 different ways of setting up a schedule: Calendar Mode, and Loop Mode.

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To create or edit a program

From the Wix app, click on the Settings button to load the Settings menu. In the main tab of the settings dialog, click on the button to create or edit a program in the settings window. This will open a new dialog with the calendar or loop program as appropriate. To add a video, copy and paste the link to the video from the address bar of your browser or the Share link in YouTube. You can also use just the Video ID. The title will then fill in automatically based on the video's title, but you can change it if you prefer (limit: 100 characters). The title is currently just for your reference in the program view.

Below are some examples of supported URL formats, with the Video ID portion in bold. The Video ID will not include /, ?, =, or &.

Each copy of the widget has it's own program. To entirely reset the program, click the Reset button in the main Settings dialog.

You can delete a video using the trash can button in the list or calendar, and edit it using the pencil button.

A program can have a maximum of 31 videos in it.

Calendar Mode

In Calendar Mode, you set up videos to play on a specific day. This will show one video on that day, according to the visitor's time zone. This is ideal for something like a monthly workout calendar to highlight different videos on different days.

Loop Mode

Loop Mode lets visitors work through videos at their own pace, while focusing on one video at a time. Loop Mode will load the next video on completion, but it will not auto-play. Users can choose to navigate through the videos using the arrow buttons.

You can re-order the videos in Loop mode by dragging and dropping them in the list.

To reset the widget

The "Reset Program" button in the main settings window will completely reset the program for the widget and allow you to choose from Loop or Calendar mode again.


Video Unavailable

  • Some YouTube videos do not allow embedding on other sites and will show a message saying "Video unavailable" with a link to watch on YouTube. In some cases this may be due to music licensing, or preferences of the channel.