Woman stretching in front of a laptop, photo by Kari Shea

Create easy to follow online workout plans

Plankido Workout Platform lets fitness creators easily build and sell structured workout programs delivered via a simple web app where the only hard part for users is actually doing the workout!

Built for workout programs

Online course platforms aren't built for workout programs. Use a tool focused on progressive training programs, where exercises and workouts are repeated. We focus on the technology to make it easy to build seamless online programs, so you can focus on designing the workouts.

Workouts that flow

Clients want to follow your plan, not think about which video to play, juggle multiple apps, or constantly push buttons. Keep things flowing with timed sections that automatically move on to the next exercise. Of course clients can pause and skip around if they need to!

Scale your fitness business

We're built for selling pre-made workout programs to large numbers of clients, not 1-on-1 training. Personal training platforms are designed and priced for trainers with a small number of high-touch clients, not online creators at scale.

Wow your clients

Most online workout programs are clunky to use. Stand out from the competition and impress your clients with a smooth web based user experience, no app install needed. Happy clients refer their friends and buy more programs!

Workout Loop

A free tool to share programs using YouTube videos

While we finish building Plankido, check out Workout Loop, which lets you easily create and share simple workout programs using YouTube videos, in a way that's more user friendly than a playlist. Create programs for your clients or promote your channel!

Photo of Lisa

Hi, I'm Lisa, the creator of Plankido. I'm building Plankido because I've been frustrated with the user experience of the paid online fitness programs that I've tried. I've seen PDFs with workouts with a separate video library that was hard to search, online course platforms that don't account for repeating workouts, apps calling for timed exercises while not including a timer, and websites that make me constantly interact with my tablet to skip past the same detailed explanation I saw 2 days ago.

In short, I want to make it easier for fitness pros to build workout programs and clients to do them.