6 days of 30 minute Dumbbell and Cardio Workouts


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This workout loop is a 6 day plan that alternates dumbbell strength workouts and low impact, lower intensity standing cardio. Two of the dumbbell workouts are full body, while the one in the middle is upper body focused as the legs are also getting worked in the cardio videos. We end high with a cardio kickboxing workout that has options for higher impact if you want!

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  • Fitness Level: You should be familiar with basic body weight and dumbbell movements, and able to do a number of reps of body weight squats as they come up in the cardio videos.
  • Equipment: Dumbbells, ideally a couple different sizes.
  • Duration: 24-35 minutes, mostly a little over 30 minutes.

If you're used to working out this could be a weekly plan with one rest day; if you're newer to working out you might want some more rest days!

This Workout Loop includes videos from the following channels: