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Workout Loop is a free tool by Plankido allowing you to easily create, follow, and share workout plans made from YouTube videos. You can use it to make your own personal workout plan, share plans with friends, or to promote your YouTube channel.

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Workout Loop: No autoplay, no recommendations, just your workouts.

I created Workout Loop because I've been frustrated with the YouTube interface while doing a morning Yoga practice using YouTube videos. I'd collected some videos in a playlist but I would still have to go in through several menus with lots of distractions and then think about which video to do that day. And then when I'm done, the next video in the playlist starts automatically, because playlists are really designed for watching several videos in a row, not one a day. I just want to do my workout, not think too hard before I've had caffeine!

To start using Workout Loop, create a list of videos in the Edit tab, and come back whenever it's time for a workout to do the next video in the sequence. When you get to the end, it loops back to the start. I also post short programs regularly on the blog, tagged Workout Loop. For more details on how to use Workout Loop, take a look at the Help tab on Workout Loop.

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