Simple scheduled videos on your website

Video Scheduler by Plankido lets you embed videos on your website using a calendar or evergreen loop, letting users focus on one video at a time while keeping the content fresh.

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Calendar mode 📅

Calendar mode lets you set up a schedule of videos where all site vistors see the same video on the same day. Perfect for a workout of the day, advent calendar, meditation videos, motivational videos, or running a simple cohort program.

Loop mode ➰

Loop mode lets you set up an ordered list of videos that users can work through at their own pace. Ideal for a workout program, meditation program, or a simple course. Inspired by Workout Loop here on the Plankido website.

Embed in your website 💻

Our first release is for Wix sites, but we plan to support many more options. Drop us a line at to let us know what platform you're interested in!

Structure YouTube content ▶

Video Scheduler provides another window into your YouTube channel. Playlists don't always work well for content you want to interact with over a longer period of time - not all videos should be binged!