14 days of 20ish minute morning yoga


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This Workout Loop is what I'm currently using for my morning yoga practice. I use yoga to start my day on a positive note, not be a killer workout - many of these videos are fairly gentle though some are a bit more challenging and build up some heat with sun salutations or core work.

Woman in child's pose

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These are at a pretty common level for a yoga video or class - they assume you know what the basic poses are but they're not doing any particularly advanced poses. Beginners may find some of the videos challenging while more advanced yogis may enjoy this loop when looking for a shorter, gentler practice. There's some variety from deep stretching to more vigorous practices, so over the course of two weeks you'll cover a lot of different poses and types of practices. I can't keep up with every single pose and do it perfectly, but if I could that would be a sign I should find some more challenging videos! The program is arranged so that there's no particularly long or short, or particularly intense or easy practices back to back.

  • Fitness Level: You should be familiar with and able to do basic yoga poses.
  • Equipment: A yoga mat or other soft surface to work out on.
  • Duration: 17-26 minutes, mostly a little over 20 minutes.

Go ahead and use this Workout Loop as is, or use it as a starting point for your own customized program by editing it in the Edit tab!

This Workout Loop includes videos from the following channels: