7 Mini Loop aka Booty Band Workouts


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This routine will show you how to exercise with mini loop resistance bands, probably the cheapest and most portable fitness equipment around! These "booty bands" are great for travel workouts and are a great first piece of fitness equipment for home workouts. You can buy one for under $5 and fit it in your pocket!

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  • Fitness Level: You should be comfortable with body weight movements like squats and plank..
  • Equipment: One or more Mini Loop style resistance bands. A few moves may benefit from having a longer resistance band for better range of motion depending on your exact mini bands and strength. One video also uses dumbbells and a chair.
  • Duration: 17-35 minutes, mostly over 25 minutes

Mini loop bands are the smallest kind of resistance band, and are a thin loop of stretchy material about 12" long when folded. These small bands are also sometimes called booty bands or hip bands as they can be particularly good at targeting your glutes, but there's plenty of ways to target your arms, legs, core, and back as well! They can add a little extra resistance to body weight exercises and also have a lot of pulling options which are harder to work into a no equipment routine. The stretch of resistance bands works your muscles a little differently than working with weights so they're great to mix things up a little. If you are a bit more advanced on your fitness journey they make a great warm up or accessory tool.

Latex rubber mini loop bands are super cheap - you can get a set of 3-5 for under $10, or even pick them up as free swag, but in some positions such as around your thighs they have a tendency to roll up which can be a little uncomfortable. Fabric bands are a few dollars more and are better at staying in place for leg exercises, but tend to have fewer levels of resistance available and aren't as good for upper body exercises as they stretch less. Latex free bands are also available using materials like silicone.

Resistance bands are often color coded within a set, but there's no consistency across brands. Most often they come in bold colors but if you look around you can find a wide range of colors!

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