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Video Scheduler is an app for Wix that lets you embed scheduled YouTube videos on your Wix site using a daily calendar or a self paced loop. Unlike a playlist, the next video won't autoplay - Video Scheduler is designed to showcase lists of videos best viewed over several sessions, not binged all at once.

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Video Scheduler has two kinds of programs:

Loop Mode Illustration
Loop Mode

Loop mode lets you set up an ordered list of videos that visitors can work through at their own pace. When they get to the end, it repeats from the beginning. Designed for evergreen, repeatable content like a daily fitness routine or meditation program, where the order matters more than the exact day. Visitors can choose to view more than one video in a row or navigate around the program, but it won’t autoplay like a playlist. Loop mode is based on Workout Loop here on our website, but is built into your Wix site with content you control.

Calendar Mode Illustration
Calendar Mode

Calendar mode lets you create a schedule of videos where all site visitors see the same video on the same day. Perfect for a workout of the day, advent calendar, daily motivation, a launch countdown, or a simple cohort program. Want a once a week schedule, not daily? No problem, users will see the previous video until the next one is scheduled.

Video Scheduler provides another window into your YouTube channel, helping visitors focus on content over multiple sessions without getting distracted by autoplaying recommendations. You can combine the widget with Wix Membership features for exclusive members only programming with a little bit of structure.

Not on Wix? Host your videos somewhere other than YouTube? We'd love to hear about what platforms you'd use this on so we know what to work on next. Send a message to, or connect with @plankido on Twitter!

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